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Moselem Springs Golf Club

Located in Fleetwood, PA, Moselem Springs Golf Club has gained prestigious recognition as one of the most exceptional golf courses in America. Nestled amidst the picturesque and verdant hills of Berks County, this enchanting golfing destination is renowned for its natural splendor and an unparalleled course that exudes charm and excellence, as eloquently described by its founder, Hawley Quier.

For half a century, golf enthusiasts have been drawn to this immaculate course, meticulously crafted by the renowned George Fazio. Its allure extends beyond the borders of the state, attracting the finest golfers from far and wide, while also serving as a nurturing ground for newcomers to the sport. Moreover, Moselem Springs Golf Club offers an ideal setting for cultivating and fostering corporate relationships, making it a prime location for networking. With its exclusive focus on golf and a highly acclaimed restaurant, the club consistently prioritizes delivering a sublime experience to its visitors.

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